New ACT artist: N E S

ACT has just released "Ahlam" - the debut album of the trio "NES". Music between North-Africa and Southern Europe, in Arab, French and English language and with unusual instrumentation: voice, cello and percussion. Already a few days after its release, "Ahlam" has received a euphoric international feedback.
The European cultural tv magazine "Arte Metropolis" has met NES in their hometown of Valencia:


Selected international press quotes:
"Nesrine Belmokh is an incandescent, multilingual talent and „Ahlam“ one of the albums of the year.“
- The London Times (GB)
„New, wonderful music and a voice, that gets straight to your heart. A potential hit!“
- Arte Metropolis (DE / FR)
„A name to watch!“
- The Evening Standard (GB)
„The time of NES has come.“
- Deutschlandfunk (DE)
„The debut album „Ahlam“ will clearly raise attention. „Ahlam“ means „dream“ and with this CD, NES have not only fulfilled their own dream – they also sound dream-like.“
- Jazzthetik (DE)
„Music with touching urgency. * * * * “
- Fono Forum (DE)
„It is this kind of little wonders for which we like the ACT label. A work of intelligence, beauty and poetry and an indispensable album that seduces and captivates you.“
- Paris Match (FR)
„A wonderful album.“
- Music Frames (NL)
„From this formation we can only expect great things, while we continue to listenen to ‚Ahlam‘, hypnotized and seduced.“
- Masjazz (ES)
„Now that we know NES and their music, we can only say that we want more.“
- Distritio Jazz (ES)
„An extremely interesting album for all who prefer ethnic music in a broad sense.“
- Longplay (PL)
NES "Ahlam" live
19.09.18 Berlin, Kammermusiksaal
20.09.18 Lutterbek, Lutterbeker
22.09.18 Hamburg, Elbfest
09.10.18 Paris, Sunset
10.10.18 Paris, Sunset
18.10.18 Salzburg, Jazz & The City
19.10.18 Salzburg, Jazz & The City
20.10.18 Amsterdam, Cello Biennale
21.10.18 Köln, Altes Pfandhaus
22.10.18 München, BR Klassik "Sweet Spot"
23.10.18 Wien, Sargfabrik
25.10.18 Stuttgart, BIX
26.10.18 Wiesbaden, Walhalla
01.11.18 Massy, Fest des Primeurs, Centre Paul B
13.02.19 Berlin, A-Trane
25.04.19 Berlin, Konzerthaus

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