19.09.2013SpotlightYoun Sun Nah

Huge sucess for Youn Sun Nah "Lento"

"Lento" by Korean singer Youn Sun Nah ranks among the most successful jazz albums of 2013.

"Lento" is the essence of Youn Sun Nah's unique strengths, displaying an even broader diversity of styles: in addition to jazz and the jazz-related, she respectfully but unreservedly takes what she wants from chanson, pop, folk and now, for the first time, European classical music. She impresses and enchants even more than before with her vocal virtuosity, dynamism and expressiveness, that exposes the soul of the songs and touches the hearts of her audience.

The album topped the French jazz charts for seven weeks, reached 14 in the pop charts and made it to number one on the jazz charts in Germany.

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