Fourth season of „Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic” announced

Fourth season of „Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic” announced
„Jazz history is being written here.“
- Deutschlandradio Kultur
„A rare event for Berlin on which jazz and classical meet at the same level.“
- Der Tagesspiegel
„Big emotions in the big hall.“
- Fono Forum
The „Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker“ (Foundation of the Berlin Philharmonic) have just announced the progamme for the season 2016 / 17. Part of this will be the fourth edition of “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic”, curated by ACT head Siggi Loch. The concert series has been hailed as a unique phenomenon ever since its creation in December 2012. Almost all concerts in the 1200 seat chamber music hall and even in the 2250 seats big hall have been sold out. The formula which has made it so successful was fixed from the outset: Each of the concerts would be “an edition of one,” a special, unique event. Five of these festive occasions have gone through to be released as CD's on the ACT label, the latest one being “Lost Heroes – A Tribute To Esbjörn Svensson.”
“In the Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic series,” explains its curator Siggi Loch, “the programme is the star.” The wide canvas offers the space to bring musicians together whose stellar talents would never have combined in other circumstances.
There is a back-story to the first concert in the series, on 11th December 2012. The Berlin Philharmonic Foundation had auctioned off the Steinway piano which Alfred Brendel used to play on when he appeared in Berlin. The successful bidder at that auction was Siggi Loch. In discussions with overall head of music Sir Simon Rattle amd Martin Hoffmann, the general manager of the Philharmonie, it was agreed that the Alfred Brendel piano would return to the Philharmonie for a final bow – and would be played on one evening by three of the finest jazz pianists in Europe.
The premiere concert with Michael Wollny (Germany), Leszek Możdżer (Poland) und Iiro Rantala (Finland) playing first one, then two and at the end three pianos, was an unmitigated success. The audience had taken the idea of this piano summit to its heart, as the jubilant applause which followed testified. It soon became evident that this one-off experiment could - and should - become a new series at the Philharmonie.
Siggi Loch was in his own way following in the footsteps of the American jazz impresario Norman Granz (1918-2001). From 1944 onwards, Granz had pursued a particular vision with his successful international series Jazz at the Philharmonic. He had wanted to bring jazz out of clubs and place it in classical concert halls, and to make more people in society at large aware of the astonishing skill levels in jazz and of both its uniqueness and diversity. The American impresario had seen the value of bringing the great musicians of the day together, and instigating something fresh and new.
The sustained and continuing success of Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic demonstrates that jazz, so often pronounced dead, can and will keep on coming up with the goods, if it is simply left to do it. The series puts jazz in its rightful place within the music of our time, music capable of absorbing and of transforming different genres and cultures. More than that, it reaches out directly to the hearts, minds and deepest emotions of a wide audience.
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic – All concerts
Tickets under www.berliner-philharmoniker.de

May 31st, 2016, Philharmonie, big hall
„Piano Summit“
Leszek Możdżer – piano
Iiro Rantala – piano
Michael Wollny – piano
September 20th, 2016, Chamber Music Hall
„BIX – A Bix Beiderbecke tribute“
Bernd Lhotzky – piano & direction
& "Echoes of Swing"
Chris Hopkins – alto saxophone
Colin T. Dawson – trumpet
Oliver Mewes – drums
Mulo Francel – C-melody saxophone
Shannon Barnett – tombone
Henning Gailing – double bass
Pete York – drums
Special guest: Klaus Doldinger - saxophone
November 26th, 2016 Chamber Music Hall
„Alpen Jazz“
Andreas Schaerer – vocals
Christian Zehnder – vocals / Wippkordeon
Matthias Loibner – wheel fiddle
Christof Dienz – zither
Andreas Martin Hofmeir – tuba
January 24th, 2017, Chamber Music Hall
„Art of Duo“
Paolo Fresu – trumpet & Jan Lundgren – piano
Lars Danielsson – double bass / cello & Dieter Ilg – double bass
Philip Catherine & Larry Corryell – guitars
June 2nd, 2017, Philharmonie, big hall
„Mediterraneo – Italian Night“ 
Monteverdi – Verdi – Puccini – Morricone
Arrangements & direction - Geir Lysne
Stefano Bollani Trio and guests
Members of the Berlin Philharmonic
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic – All albums
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic I (ACT 9556–2)
Iiro Rantala 
Michael Wollny 
Leszek Możdżer
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic II
“Norwegian Woods” (ACT 9569–2)
In The Country
Solveig Slettahjell
Bugge Wesseltoft
Knut Reiersrud
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic III
“Leszek Możdżer & Friends“ (ACT 9578–2)
Leszek Możdżer
Atom String Quartet
Lars Danielsson
Zohar Fresco
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic IV
“Accordion Night” (ACT 9589–2)
Vincent Peirani & Emile Parisien
Stian Carstensen & Adam Bałdych
Régis Gizavo & Nguyên Lê
Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic V
“Lost Hero – Tears for Esbjörn” (ACT 9815–2)
Iiro Rantala
Viktoria Tolstoy
Ulf Wakenius
Lars Danielsson
Morten Lund

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