06.07.2018SpotlightEmile Parisien

Euphoric international press reactions on Emile Parisien "Sfumato live in Marciac"

During the last years it has become evident that French soprano saxophonist Emile Parisien ranks among the most important innovators of his instrument today. His new album (cd / dvd) "Sfumato live in Marciac" shows Parisien's entire musical spectrum and live energy - together with his outstanding youg band, accordionist Vincent Peirani, the European jazz greats Joachim Kühn and Michel Portal and special guest Wynton Marsalis. A thrilling experience which, already shortly after it's release, has received enthusiastic international reviews: 
„A by all accounts outstanding concert. Parisien plays the soprano saxophone with the negligent grace that comes only with exceptional technique. * * * * “
-              The Guardian (GB)
„An exuberant set of playful, freewheeling music by one of Europe’s pre-eminent soprano saxophonists.“
-              The Times (GB)
 „It is a joy to witness Emile Parisien’s great art.“
-              Der SPIEGEL (DE)
"A key moment of Emile Parisien's career and probably of the whole story of jazz in Marciac. / Album of the month."
-              Jazz Magazine (FR)
„A memorable concert.“
-              TSF Jazz (FR)
„Thrilling! A hugely joyful, multifaceted listening experience.“
-              3sat Kulturzeit (DE / AT / CH)
„A magician of the saxophone.“
-              Arte Metropolis
„One of the most influencial jazz musicians of France and beyond.“
-              Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE)
„A magical live experience. / Album of the month.“
-              Stereo (DE)
„An exhilarating event.“
-              Image Hifi (DE)
„An outstanding concert.“
-              Jazzpodium (DE)
„Europe’s new jazz superstar.“
-              Der Kurier (AT)
„A thrilling tour de force through the history of jazz by a pioneering soprano saxophonist.“
-              Kulturzeitschrift (AT)

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