Wolfgang Haffner

Silent World - CD

  • Format: CD (erhältlich auch als Vinyl )
  • Kat Nr.: ACT 9963-2
  • Barcode: 614427996329
  • VÖ. Deutschland: 27.01.2023
  • Genre: Jazz

"Silent World" is perhaps the most personal album of drummer, composer, and bandleader Wolfgang Haffner yet. A master of clarity, focus, and reduction - accompanied by Dominic Miller, Nils Landgren, Till Brönner, Bill Evans, Rhani Krija, and many more.

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It is scarcely two years since everything suddenly went quiet, and we all found ourselves living in a "Silent World". For Wolfgang Haffner, the most prominent German drummer of our time, things came to a particularly abrupt halt, not least because his regular schedule is so packed and his habitual work-rate is so prolific. He is normally travelling across all five continents, playing with stellar artists from all kinds of genres; his own exceptional craft as a drummer is to be heard on no fewer than 400 albums. Fortunately, however, Haffner has always considered himself to be at least as much a composer as he is a drummer, so once he had absorbed the initial shock of being grounded at home…taken long walks...watched a lot of TV...it was completely natural that he should devote himself to writing music. And, for once, he wasn’...


Wolfgang Haffner / drums

Simon Oslender / piano & keyboards
Thomas Stieger / bass (except 05 & 10)
Sebastian Studnitzky / trumpet
Bill Evans / soprano sax (01)
Till Brönner / flugelhorn (04)
Nils Landgren / trombone (08)
Dominic Miller / guitar (05)
Mitchel Forman / lead synth (02)
Eythor Gunnarsson / rhodes & synth (10)
Alma Naidu / vocals (01 - 03 & 08)
Rhani Krija / percussion (04 & 05)
Bruno Müller / e-guitar (01 & 10)
Nicolas Fiszman / bass (05 & 10)
Norbert Nagel & Marc Wyand / tenor sax, flute & clarinet (05 & 10)


Recorded by Klaus Genuit at Hansahaus Studios Bonn, Germany, May 2022, except Faro & Belief recorded by Clemens Matznick at Hansa Studio Berlin, Germany, Jan 2012
Mixed by Arne Schumann with Wolfgang Haffner
Mastered by Götz-Michael Rieth at Eastside Mastering Berlin

Produced by Wolfgang Haffner