Nils Landgren

Layers Of Light - 2 Vinyl LP (incl Download Code)

  • Format: Vinyl (also available as CD )
  • Cat No.: ACTLP 9281-1
  • Barcode: 614427928115
  • German Release: 26/11/2021
  • Genre: Swedish Jazz, World Jazz, Duo Art

Früher Meilenstein des Nordic Jazz - Posaune und Klavier im intensiven Dialog: "Layers of Light" ist eine Liebeserklärung von Nils Landgren und Esbjörn Svensson an ihr Heimatland Schweden. Melancholie und Schwermut der volkstümlichen Melodien sind die Basis für die melodisch übereinandergelegten Klangschichten, inspiriert vom flirrenden Licht des weiten Nordens.

Only digitally available

All music has its roots in folklore. In some playing styles this is easy to recognize. In others hundreds of years of cultural development and change have effectively sublimated those roots. Stripped of ornamentation and structural artifice, however, the foundation remains the same. The melodies and structures that affect and influence people in their day to day lives remain the basis of musical knowledge and experience. They are the blueprints of the collective consciousness and a challenge to the creative spirit. Individuality along with innovation in its surprising, unconventional workings emerge as a contrast to those folk origins. So is the secret art by which the balance between memory and fantasy, between folklore, tradition, and improvisation is weighed.Nils Landgren was born in 1956 and grew up with the music of his father, a...

line up

Nils Landgren - trombone
Esbjörn Svensson - piano

Recording Information

Recorded at Rainbow Studios, Oslo - Norway on
December 2 - 3, 1999
Engineered and mastered by Jan-Erik Kongshaug,
24 bit digital supermapping
Produced by Siegfried Loch