Michael Wollny

Wasted & Wanted - Vinyl

  • Format: Vinyl (erhältlich auch als CD )
  • Kat Nr.: ACTLP 9515-1
  • Barcode: 614427951519
  • VÖ. Deutschland: 24.02.2012
  • Genre: Piano Jazz, Young German Jazz

Das neue Album von "Deutschlands stärkster (Jazz)Musikerpersönlichkeit seit Albert Mangelssdorff" (Hamburger Abendblatt): In all den Ritzen, in denen die Konvention sie nicht haben will, forscht Michael Wollny’s [em] nach neuer Musik. Ein Abenteuer voller Einfallsreichtum, Power und Virtuosität.

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Beauty by confusion, truth by collision. (Daniel Richter)Beauty is not a very reliable term. Some find beauty in Rammstein, others find it in Die Fledermaus. It is impossible to analyze the reasons, even though we are constantly trying to do so. We can't explain to other people why we like a certain picture, and dislike another. Apparently there was a time when Schubert was considered kitsch by some.As for the truth, things aren’t always much clearer. Some claim that once in a while, a lie can be more honest than the truth. We often lie in order to convince people of our truth. We are looking for an intensity of truth, which can only be achieved by stylization and choreography. Werner Herzog calls this the ecstasy of truth - maybe Mahler would have liked that term, too.When a band is locked inside a studio, trying to search for new mus...


Michael Wollny / piano, spinett
Eva Kruse / bass, glockenspiel
Eric Schaefer / drums, kulintang, melodica


Produced by Guy Sternberg
Executive Producer: Siggi Loch

Recorded August 2011 at FWL Studios Leipzig and November 2011 at Hansa
Studios Berlin by Guy Sternberg.

Cover art: Love is the Drug (Detail), 2011 by Daniel Richter / ACT Art Collection

Limited Edition plus Bonus CD: Live at JazzFest Berlin