Emile Parisien

Double Screening - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Kat Nr.: ACT 9879-2
  • Barcode: 614427987921
  • VÖ. Deutschland: 25.01.2019
  • Genre: Saxophone Jazz, Jazz, French Jazz

Jazz tradition - continued. In recent times few jazz musicians have gained as much public attention as the French soprano saxophonist Emile Parisien. His new album "Double Screening" combines all of his exceptional qualities. With breathtaking technical skills, great sensitivity, imagination and a good amount of anarchy, Parisien investigates, challenges and expands the jazz genre. The result is fresh, European music, rousing, virtuoso and full of emotion.

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There probably isn’t another jazz musician anywhere in Europe receiving as much acclaim at the moment as French soprano saxophonist Emile Parisien. The concert recording "Sfumato Live in Marciac" (CD and DVD), with Joachim Kühn at the piano, plus guests Michel Portal, Vincent Peirani and Wynton Marsalis, was released in 2018 and was greeted with rapturous enthusiasm: "An outstanding voice in contemporary jazz", remarked ARD Parisien, and with good reason. Arte Metropolis discerned a "magician on the saxophone", The Times of London called him "Europe's leading soprano saxophonist," and for Der Spiegel, it was "a pleasure to watch Emile Parisien perform his great art". In the US, Downbeat Magazine even considered it an understatement to limit Parisien’s importance to the sphere of Europea...


Emile Parisien / soprano & tenor sax
Julien Touéry / piano
Ivan Gélugne / bass
Julien Loutelier / drums


Recorded and mixed by Philippe Teissier Du Cros at Studio Gil Evans de La Maison de la Culture, Amiens (France), December 2017
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann