15.12.2017KünstlerLars Danielsson

Sten A Olson Award for Lars Danielsson

Lars Danielsson has been awarded a SEK 300,000 scholarship in course of winning the prestigious "Sten A Olsson Award."
Official press release from the Sten A Olsson Foundation:
“We want to promote a vibrant and dynamic cultural and social life in the West of Sweden. Therefore we are very proud and happy to be able to support for yet another year promising artists, musicians and cultural workers in the region with our educational scholarships. We hope that the scholarships will be of great benefit and pleasure”, said Madeleine Olsson Eriksson, the chairman of the foundation.
There was a festive atmosphere when the guests met for the Sten A Olsson Foundation’s annual award ceremony in Stenhammarsalen at the Gothenburg Concert Hall. During the evening musician Lars Danielsson improvised Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell on double bass after which he played his own composition Extensions on the cello.
LARS DANIELSSON, musician. Born in 1958 in Smålandsstenar and lives in Mölnlycke and Copenhagen.”In my world simplicity is not easier than complication. I always try to find a personal signature in my music. You can be inspired by many, but in the end it´s all about finding your own voice and stick to it.” Double bass player, cellist and composer Lars Danielsson has a chequered background as a musician. He is one of the jazz world’s most respected instrumentalists, but he has always had an open mind when it comes to other completely different musical genres, everything from contemporary pop music to classical music.
Lars Danielsson’s virtuoso command of the double bassand cello bears the signature of a master. His musicality is anchored in unerring rhythmical timing, personal melodies and a colourful sound. His musical breadth is breath-taking: a multi-instrumentalist who composes for small groups, big bands and symphony orchestras, leads his own groups, arranges and produces recordings. Lars Danielsson has made a strong artistic impression for many years but it is in recent years and in international contexts that he has developed into one of the foremost profiles on the European jazz scene.
Lars has been awarded the scholarship for his vibrant artistic work and because, with his total presence and unique ability to communicate, he creates musical moments that go straight to the heart.

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