Josefine Cronholm

Josefine Cronholm - ©ACT / Steven Haberland
Josefine Cronholm - ©ACT / Steven Haberland


1995 - 2000: Vocal master at the The Rhytmic Music Conservatotium in Copenhagen. (Teachers: Etta Cameron and Anne Rosing-Schow).

1993 - 95: Music and vocal at Skurups Folk highschool

1987 - 89: High school, acting studies in Växjö.

As a composer

2008: New Project Songs of the Falling Feather

2007: Marilyn Mazurs various projects

2004: Josefine Cronholm/Henrik Sundh duo

2003: Josefine Cronholm IBIS Hotel Paradise

2001: Josefine Cronholm IBIS Wild Garden

2000: Factum est

2000: Zen-poesi project Floating Frog with Django Bates, Lotte Anker, Niels Davidsen

As a sidewoman

2009: Steen Rasmussen, Marilyn Mazur, John Tayler, Anders Jormin, Josefine Cronholm

2008: Thommy Anderssons Wood Blood

1998: New Jungle Orchestra

1997-2005: String Swing

1999-2003: Frans Bak Natsange

2003: Copenhagen Art Ensemble Paul Auster projekt

1998-2002: Django Bates Quiet Nights

2001-2007: Percussion Paradise

Josefine Cronholm is also a vocal teacher and are giving workshops all over the world.


2010: Josefine Cronholm "Songs of the Falling Feather" (ACT)

2009: Steen Rasmussen Amanä Imorron "Tomorrow Calibrated"

2009: Thommy Andersson "Pending Dialogs A Records"

2009: Erik Grip "Min Indre Vandringsmand Gyps Fulvus"

2009: New Jungle Orchestra "Live at Skuespillerhuset Steeplechase"

2008: Thommy Andersson "Wood Blood" (Gateway Music)

2007: Josefine Cronholm "Nordic Voices" (ACT)

2006: Josefine Cronholm IBIS "Easy Jazz"

2005: String Swing "Blue Hat" (Stunt Records)

2004: New Jungle Orchestra "Cheek to Cheek" (Stunt Records)

2004: Josefine Cronholm "Til Benny fra pigerne" (Exlibris)

2003: Josefine Cronholm IBIS "Hotel Paradise" (Caprice Records)

2002: Marilyn Mazur "All the birds" (Stunt Records)

2001: Josefine Cronholm IBIS "Wild Garden" (Stunt Records)

2001: Anker/Mazur/Crispell "Poetic Justice" (Da Capo)

2001: String Swing "Red Shoes" (Stunt Records)

2000: New Jungle Orchestra "Zig Zag Zimfoni" (Stunt Records)

1999: Frans Bak Natsange (Stunt Records)

1998: Django Bates "Quiet Nights" (Screwgun)

1998: New Jungle Orchestra "Giraf" (Da Capo)

1997: Søren Eriksen Greatest Hits "Love Supreme"

1997: Factum Est? "factum est?" (RM Records)

Other recordings (Film)

2008: Tengri – Jean Marie de Pontville (musik: Birgit Løkke)

2007: The crime Danish TV serie

2006: The National Museum of arts web exebition People of the Øresund

2005: Mirror mask – Dave Mc Kean & Niel Gaiman (musik: Iain Ballamy)

2004: Dog and fish – Jannik Haastrup (music: Søren S Eriksen)

2003: Zeth – Anders Resn (music: Søren S Eriksen)

2002: A hug for Kathrine – Morten Kaplers

2000: Osvald the monkey Magic Hour Films (music: Pierre Dørge)

Prizes and sholarships

2008: Statens Kunstfond Grant

2004: Danish Jazz grammy for String Swing Cd Blue Hat

2003: "Jazz in Sweden 2003" Artist of the year

2002: Danish Jazz grammy for String Swing Cd Red Shoes

2001: Palæbar Jazzprize

1999: Young Musical Talent in Denmark

1998: Young Musical Talent Sholarship from her home town in Sweden

1997: Grant from STIM (Swedish composers rights )

1997: Grant from The Swedish Jazz academy in Stockholm